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Just another test to see how it goes

Oct 19, 2011 

I can highly recommend TAIC colour tools. My motivation for choosing these products to use in my business was that I wanted a colour swatch system that was customisable for each client and didn’t arrive already bound, and also to take advantage of the additional colour notes that accompany each swatch.

by Beckster Siame
Product/s Used: Style & Colour Swatches 

Testing Great Training

Oct 19, 2011 

just testing to see how this works and if it works ok still...so far so good

by Beck Testing
Course Location: Melbourne • 
Date: November 2010 

Testing Product Review

Oct 04, 2011 

loved it learned so much had a wonderful time and met built my network of likeminded people.

by becky Tester

You Got Another Review

Sep 23, 2011 

Being able to make a tangible difference in the lives of others, whether it is in the discovery of how to look and feel great, attract a mate, gain employment or a promotion, increase personal credibility or to bounce back from one of life’s many set-backs, the experience of being a part of your client’s success is a real joy.

by Becky Testing AGAIN

Response: That is a wonderful thing to say thankyou!

Last 1 for good luck

Sep 23, 2011 

Just 1 more hoping we get 4 on 1 line or at least 3. it seems like a very stable plugin so far hasn't affected anything else. Thats always a good sign.

by beck again

Response: sounds good thanks so much for your comments.

Yet another test

Sep 23, 2011 

We need a few test runs to get an idea of how it looks and how we can format it so far ok.

by Bek Tester

Response: yes we do we want to make sure everything is perfect

Another Test of REviews

Sep 23, 2011 

just testing again to see how this system lays out reviews so that i ccan get an idea for form and structure and how it works.

by Test Reviewer

Response: Great thanks so much for your feedback

Testing a review system

Sep 23, 2011 

I love this company...could be because i work for it...lo but its great and my boss is BEAUTIFUL!

by Becky
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