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Style is an expression of individualism mixed with charisma. 
Fashion is something that comes after style.
~John Fairchild ~

A successful visual image results from wearing garment and accessory styles that are both flattering to the wearer’s body and appropriate for the time, location and occasion.

Wearing the right styles is equally as important as wearing the right colours – one without the other results in an undermined appearance.”

“Your Personal Style Solutions” range of programs

Before Your Personal Style Solutions program, it took years of experience before an image consultant could quickly and accurately assess a client’s body, age, needs, desires and lifestyle and then transfer the information into which garment and accessory elements would suit them best.

Even when a consultant has obtained the skill to do this, most clients can only handle a small amount of information at any one time. The most any image consultant can generally do is to give the client general style guidelines to follow, or specific information for a specific function or lifestyle need.

The range of Your Personal Style Solutions programs were created to:

  • solve the dilemma of newly trained stylists and image consultants not having enough experience or knowledge to help a client in the way they would like
  • add value to a consultation by providing current, comprehensive and in-depth take-home information for the client to ensure the long-term value of the consultation and increase word-of-mouth referrals from delighted clients

Style Program Options

My Private Stylist

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In May 2009 Image Innovators launched their most comprehensive and up-to-date style program yet. is the world’s first comprehensive personal style program, designed for women aged 18 to 70.

My Private Stylist is a personal style program that includes that is regularly updated with current fashion images from online retailers, and all images link back the retailer’s website.  We have recently merged our MyProfessionalStylist offering into the MyPrivateStylist website so that members can easily and with one click alternate between the two garment views.  ‘Professional View’ showcases styles that appeal to the more corporate market and contains conservative garment images for any style or accessory that is suitable to wear to work.

Also available in Spanish.

Click here to see further information about adding My Private Stylist to your list of tools.


Men of Style

In late 2010 Image Innovators launched – a personal styling program for men of all ages.

Men of Style is regularly updated with current fashion images from online retailers, and all images link back the retailer’s website.

The program covers all major clothing and accessory items that a man would wear as well as delivering sound guidance as to when and where certain items are appropriate.

The Style Counsel section is filled with essential ‘How-to’ areas.

Will soon be available in Spanish.

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Program Inclusions

CLIENT: all versions

  • a detailed, yet easy to complete, questionnaire with clear descriptions.
  • an offer to the customer to upload specific photographs for an image consultant to complete the assessment for them for an extra $25.
  • instant access to the program once payment and the questionnaire is complete.
  • if the age of 56 or older is recorded, the program will display a substantial number of different images that are current and age appropriate for the client.
  • the client has ongoing access to the program via a username and password.
  • every major garment style feature from necklines to hemlines, tops to pants, lingerie to swimwear is covered.
  • all major accessory groups including a very comprehensive shoe section.
  • a detailed line and design section which covers: Coordination Strategies for colour, pattern and texture.
  • by clicking the centre image a Synopsis, Lifestyle Classification and Extra Personal Notes (if required) are revealed on the right hand side of the image.
  • clients can add and delete items in a ‘Favourites’ area.
  • clients have the ability to print personal recommendations.
  • customers who discover the program online are offered the accompanying 86 page, full colour Style Guide during the ordering process. When this is combined with the printout, it provides both a hard and soft copy of the program.

CONSULTANT: Men of Style and My Private Stylist*

The ability to:

  • use Image Innovator’s Body Calculator to input your client’s measurements and assessments into to ensure an accurate program.
  • upload the client’s physical characteristics and bypass measuring (not recommended for personal consultations).
  • pre-purchase eStyle kits to streamline personal consultations with clients. Includes the full color Style Guide, a folder with matching cover to house the client’s personal recommendations in, and a license key to bypass the payment system.
  • have instant access to the program once questionnaire has been completed.
  • have your own comprehensive admin area for each eStyle program. Includes: changing your online details, a list of all your clients and customers with full details and access to their programs, Commissions area, Order page, promotional banners that link to your version of the program and much more.
  • edit the results and program generated comments*.
  • upload your comments into a client’s program in each garment detail area*.
  • add items into a ‘Favorites’ area for the client*.
  • print a client’s personal recommendations.
  • add your version of the programs to your website or blogs to attract passive sales.
  • set your own price for the program (min $69 AUD)
  • customize your estyle websites so they feature your logo, photo, & bio.  You can also upload your Products and Services to the Books and products page. Note: these will link back to your website and Image Innovators asks no commission on sales.
  • Access two private training and resources websites.
  • access assistance 5 days a week (Monday to Friday) between the hours of 8am and 6pm (Australia time).

Client Assessment and Program Creation

Consultants pre order one style kit per client.  This includes a full colour style guide and a license key.

Assessing and measuring a client is simple and should take no longer than 7-10 minutes. Inputting the data into your private merchant admin website and creating a portfolio takes about 2 minutes (see video).

After you have measured and assessed a client you go to the merchant website and log into your account. From there you select the body calculator for the program you wish to use and input the information. Once completed the client’s program will be instantly created for you.

Go through the online program with your client (instructions on Resources page of, mark up the Style Guide and print out the Personal Recommendations (if desired) and place them into the folder provided.  Continue your consultation by addressing and solving the image issues they came to you with.

Complete your consultation by sending your delighted client home with their Style Guide, Report, Username, Password and url to your eStyle website.

In creating the style program two important things need to be kept in mind:

  1. 1. Your Personal Style Solutions is a ‘style’ not a ‘fashion’ program. The point of the program is to show clients what style elements suit them best via ‘current’ but not necessarily ‘to-the-minute’ fashion photos.
  2. 2. The program is computer assisted giving you the ability to over-ride some information as you see fit.


Testimonial - Elaine Stoltz
The majority of clients who seek the services of an image consultant demand customization, and the new Women’s Style Portfolio by TAIC exceeds their expectations for a style analysis system. These clients see the incredible value in using the Style Portfolio because it is as unique as they are. The new Style Portfolio is a fabulous tool for our clients to use as they develop a successful wardrobe and image. By viewing the beautiful photos of each clothing style, clients can easily identify which clothing shapes and accessories are ideal for them. Using the Style Portfolio also simplifies shopping as it helps clients to evaluate a garment based on its appropriateness for the client’s body shape. In addition, the new compact size of the Style Portfolio makes it a perfect companion on all shopping trips. The Style Portfolio is of great benefit to image consultants worldwide. Because it looks incredibly professional and current, and employs the most advanced technology available in the image consulting industry, the Style Portfolio increases the credibility of those image consultants who utilize it.


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