Module 4: Basic Skin Care and Make-up
Teaching others to SHINE

Beauty, to me is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kiss-ass red lipstick.
~ Gwyneth Paltrow~

The Association of Image Consultants International has approved the course contents and delivery for (.7) AICI CEUs

Max 12 students

A knowledge of basic skin care and make-up application are important image skills for an image consultant to have even if you do not wish to use the skills within your particular business model. Consultants who include make-up application and advice in their business quickly come to realise it’s importance to their female clients’ overall image and self-perception. It is also valuable as a revenue source if make-up is available for sale.

This image consultant training module is very basic and designed for the student who has had little or no exposure to make-up techniques. Those wanting more in-depth tuition are recommended to contact Adonia Cosmetics (Australia) .

This module is only available if module 1 (Style) or 2 have also been taken.

Topics Covered:

  • History of Make-up
  • Basic Skin Care
  • Basic Make-up: application techniques and tools
  • Where to get Salon Quality Cosmetics and Skin Care Products
  • How to Determine Correct Cosmetic Colours and Formulas for clients
  • Hands-on Cosmetic Application

A more detailed topic overview is available on request.

Materials Included:

  • Full colour 80 page image consultant training make-up manual
  • Access to salon quality make-up and skincare
  • Meals during training

It is optional, though advisable, to have a range of make-up at your disposal to complete a full range of image services and to increase your income.

We use and recommend ‘Adonia’ make-up.

Training Evaluation: A participant training evaluation form will be requested at the completion of this module.

Training Testimony: Student contact details (name and email address only) of the previous three courses are given out as requested, to potential students who wish to talk candidly to past students about the training experience and dealing with Image Innovators/TAIC.

Post-Course Assignments: No post-course assignments are required for this module. CEU’s: Students wishing to earn CEU’s for this module will be required to complete a learning outcome document at the end of each day. *Not required by first time students.

Testimonial - Julie Hyne
I have enormous respect and admiration for Lois McBain, trainer and developer of Adonia Cosmetics. A hugely successful image professional in her own right, Lois joined TAIC as a mentor to existing consultants and became instantly respected and admired. She has a wealth of knowledge on all aspects of image, colour and makeup, and in her very relaxed style of teaching is able to impart her knowledge to consultants easily. Her training is demonstrative, practical, and real life, as she draws on the many years experience she has in dealing with women of all ages and walks of life. I personally love the way Lois can capture your imagination with colour. In a group session Lois engages everyone, empowering them with enthusiasm, knowledge and confidence that they can succeed. She is always available for advice, as a mentor and support for your business and personal success. Her material is excellent, and her decisions and choices on products for seasonal change are exciting and easy to implement. I would highly recommend Lois for anyone wishing to attend an image consultant training course on make-up as she is truly one of the best there is.

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