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Image Consultancy is a career designed to make positive and tangible differences in the lives of others.
~When you stretch, you grow~

Train as an Image Consultant with Image Innovators and be part of a Global Movement

Being unique among image consultant training companies is what attracts potential image consultants from all over the world to our Mastering the Basics of Image Consultancy course. At Image Innovators we offer world class, internationally certified image consultant training and back the course with innovative and up-to-date image resources and products. With over 18 years of training experience and trainers who all have successful full-time businesses, you can rest assured of being in capable hands when you trust us with your training.

We are so sure that our students are delighted with their training that if you submit this form we will provide you with the names of all course attendees from the last 3 training courses from Australia, South Africa or Mexico. This way you can contact the students and ask what their experience of our training, post-course mentoring and ongoing assistance has been. All companies will say their training is the best but few are willing to give out unedited contacts!

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Image Consultancy

A career in image consulting is an exciting and satisfying career that can be conducted full or part time, from a home office or commercial premises by men and women of all ages. It is an exciting and satisfying career that is available to men and women, and incorporates hundreds of niches within the areas of Personal and Professional image. There should never be a reason to grow stale or tired as there are interesting and challenging image niche markets around every corner.

A Profession that Grows with You

Image consultancy is a career where you can start small and gradually build your skill base. Many consultants start their business as a part-time, home-based business, and for many there is never a need to move beyond home even if they move into corporate image.

Image consultancy perfectly dove-tails with many other careers and businesses such as: beauty therapy, hairstylists, make-up artists and consultants, fashion stylists, fashion retailers, career counsellors, life coaching and business mentors.

Being able to make a tangible difference in the lives of others, whether it is in the discovery of how to look and feel great, attract a mate, gain employment or a promotion, increase personal credibility or to bounce back from one of life’s many set-backs, the experience of being a part of your client’s success is a real joy. 

A Career with No Age Limits

Image consultancy is one of the few markets where it is possible for women to make a professional income well past the normal age of retirement. This is because a woman’s body continually changes over time and a woman experiencing the challenges of a maturing body would rather consult with a woman they see as attractive and in the same age range. This makes image consultancy an ageless career.

Individuals Most Suited to Image Consultancy:

  • enjoy helping others to look and feel their best
  • have a positive self-image
  • are self-motivated
  • have good inter-personal skills
  • love working with people on all levels
  • are up to the challenge of owning and growing their own business including investing their time, effort and capital
  • will not be afraid to promote themselves and their business if shown how
  • are open to learning any necessary new skills e.g., public speaking if necessary
  • are open to continually updating their skills
  • have the financial capacity to fund their business while it is in the set-up stage
  • are willing to improve their own image if necessary
  • may have been working as a stylist and wish to formalise their knowledge

Mastering the Basics of Image Consultancy

An AICI CEU Approved Course 

Mastering the Basics of Image Consultancy is an approved image consultant training course by The Association of Image Consultants International and carries 6.4 CEUs (Certified Educational Credits).

Course Modules

For more information about our image consultant course click on the Module links below.

  • Module 1: Style and Image. Course days 1 – 4
  • Rest and Recuperate Day between Modules 1 and 2
  • Module 2Advanced Colour Analysis. Course days 5 – 8
  • Module 3: Building a Successful and Profitable Image Business. Course day 9
  • Module 4: Skin Care and Make-up Basics. Course day 10 

To find out more about our image consultant training read our FAQs!


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Testing Great Training

Oct 19, 2011 

just testing to see how this works and if it works ok far so good

by Beck Testing
Course Location: Melbourne • 
Date: November 2010 

Testing Product Review

Oct 04, 2011 

loved it learned so much had a wonderful time and met built my network of likeminded people.

by becky Tester
Image Innovators Consultant Resources 61 3 9841-7197 13 Parsons Road, Eltham Melbourne VIC, 3095 AUS 4.6 5.0 7 7 just testing to see how this works and if it works ok far so good